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last modified: Monday, March 18, 2019 (6:05:48 AM CST)
I was contacted by this individual several months ago, kindly requesting to buy a Perfect Blue cel from me. He then decided if I wanted, I could give him a high quality scan so he could paint a copy of it on his wall, and that he would pay me for my time.
I delivered, and he was full of excuses, saying he would pay me "soon." Well he still hasn't, so I am posting a warning in case he decides someone else's scan would be nice to have! Don't waste your time with this loser if you want some kind of compensation. I would be very hesitant to sell any cels to him either.
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Retiring :D
last modified: Saturday, May 05, 2018 (1:51:55 PM CST)
I've obtained some amazing treasures lately, and I know I'm ready for retirement when I no longer feel the need to fight tooth and nail for a cel of him. I also have some big house repairs coming up, and it seems like a good time to put down my collecting hat.
The gallery will stay open for as long as Rubberslug exists, so no worries there. I am still open for offers at any time. However, to be honest I'm still going to hang onto my Hellmaster cels, UNLESS the offer is amazing. (Keep in mind I spent $2.5k EACH on the two pans, so I doubt they're going anywhere until my death.)
Congrats to the winner of the latest cel of him, and I hope you all find your holy grails! I certainly found enough of mine. :)
Contact me anytime I am also on Facebook in the cel group and in the cel chat on Slack.
It's been awesome guys, thanks for everything!
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Hey how is everyone?
last modified: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 (8:26:12 PM CST)
Hello hello! It looks like my gallery will remain more or less intact, as interest is veryyyy low for buying anything of mine. I did move a few items to loving homes, though.
I'm mostly posting to say, I miss a lot of you. So many fellow Slayers collectors fell off the map or went silent. Now that I've grown up a lot and everything, I would love to talk to some of you again. I hope to see some new stuff soon!
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Okay, I'm doing it.
last modified: Saturday, May 14, 2016 (3:07:31 PM CST)
Made a topic in anime-beta about my decision to let most of my gallery go. Also updated my wishlist.. from now on I'm only collecting Slayers cels (AND FINALLY sticking to that lol).

I think the hardest to stop collecting outside of Phib/cool Slayers shots was the Mimet cels. I managed to get that section pretty high in number... but I can't really justify it anymore, now that my priorities have shifted.

The Ah! My Goddess! section is pretty crazy too.. yikes. Are people even interested in those cels anymore? LOL. I still think they're gorgeous, so if they don't sell, I won't be heartbroken.

ANYway, glad I finally made a decision on this matter, and maybe I have a few wishlist cels that people are dying for, and I can make their day!
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last modified: Friday, January 08, 2016 (2:06:05 PM CST)
Can't really justify 99% of my gallery anymore but can't be bothered to put anything up for *sale*, either. Cels just aren't really selling these days and for a lot of the items I'd rather just keep them rather than see them go for practically nothing.
But what am I keeping them FOR? Blah, I don't know what to do with them. It's nice leafing through them, but on the other hand, I have a house to upgrade..
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Still alive..
last modified: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 (5:15:10 PM CST)
.. and yeah, the gallery is pretty quiet isn't it? I did quit collecting, pretty much, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't check sites for new Phibrizzo cels now and again. It's been reallllllly quiet and nothing really interests me enough to make me jump. On the bright side I have a bigger nest egg in my bank account than when I actively collected! *whisper* though if someone wants to sell a Phib cel I might be interested *winkwinkwink*
Oh and if anyone cares, I'm hanging out over here lately
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Public apology
last modified: Friday, April 13, 2012 (7:11:57 PM CST)
For anyone over the years I may have offended with my greedy, vindictive outlook on Phibrizzo cels, I humbly apologize.I have done some growing up. In fact I am liquidating pretty much everything now including over half of my Phibrizzo cels. My gallery will remain up forever but I'm quitting the collecting game.
Many thanks for all the friendship and lessons over the years, everyone!
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Who needs skydiving? Cel collecting is more of a thrill
last modified: Monday, May 18, 2009 (8:01:12 AM CST)
I'm still waiting for my heart to stop fluttering.
I think the longest ten minutes in the existence of humanity is the last ten minutes of a wishlist auction.
*phoo phoo phoo*
Breathe out, breathe out...
I still feel weak. I'm shaking. I really thought I would lose this auction.
Isn't it a great, but tiring feeling, when the auction ends and you check your inbox and the subject says: "Won bid"?
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Re-Prioritized Wishlist
last modified: Sunday, April 19, 2009 (3:40:45 PM CST)
After so many years of cel collecting, I've finally revisited my wishlist and deleted a LOT. Starting out I was like a kid in a candy store, going "ooh, I want this and this and this.." but now at age twenty-five, I've decided to focus mostly on only a few series.
As EVERYBODY knows, my greedy quest to get my paws on every Phibrizzo shot known to man will continue until I die. However he is also extremely rare, so a few of my favorite anime series serve as a nice distraction for when the Slayers selection has run bone-dry. Yes, I'm obsessed, but there is room in here for a couple more series I just can't NOT collect from..
Ah! My Goddess was my second favorite collecting target for a long time. However, I've pretty much obtained what I came for. There's only two shots left that I'd actually go after now, aside from, perhaps, a cheap but pretty shot I might see for sale somewhere. So, with Belldandy and crew mostly retired, my third favorite bounced to number two:
Sailor Moon. :) It's a big, competitive world for cels out there, but happily I've settled on one character that I love more than any. Luckily, she's not that popular either - and only in ten episodes. Cels run cheaper and I'm glad because AMG killed my wallet for years!
As for other series, while I like them, I really can take them or leave them as far as cel collecting goes, so any new acquisitions are rare.
So, back to the original topic: my wishlist. I finally got my computer's DVD to work on the volume 4 of Sailor Moon S DVD so I have tons of new caps for my cels and wishlist. I've added some new wants from Sailor Moon, including two pan shots that took me a while to recreate in MS Paint. :) Phew! You'll also notice I killed off all the Phibrizzo shots and replaced it with a simple: "ANYTHING", lol. :)
I've collected for a very long time, and I'm happy to say that at least I'm finally satisfied with how it's growing. :D
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Time to get serious.. er.
last modified: Sunday, January 27, 2008 (12:04:21 PM CST)
Well, it's obvious after losing the last two Phibrizzo cels I have to get super serious.
Maybe it's time to sell everything I don't absolutely love and stockpile a little fund for him.
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last modified: Wednesday, November 07, 2007 (7:42:51 PM CST)
I've been holding off on extremely expensive purchases because I'd like to move out on my own, someday. However the cost of living would probably be so high I won't be able to buy cels as freely as I do now.
So.. I've been thinking of going for my ultimate wishlist cel. It's not even on my wishlist, because I figured it would be too expensive and out of reach. But I've been thinking.. and if I really want a cel, shouldn't I be willing to part with some of my other cels in order to fund for this? It's hard to do, though... parting with cels.. especially since I love 99% of them soooo much.
Also it's become obvious I am focusing on AMG cels to satisfy my cel craving, because Phibrizzo is so rare to find. I think it's time to look at what I have and calculate the amount I'd get from selling a portion off. The tough part is I know for high prices I'll have to put up higher end and more loved cels for offer. That breaks my heart..
But, if you really want that holy grail.. shouldn't there be sacrifices?
Hum hum hum.. this will be a painful process to go through.. but unless I win the lottery, this is the only way I'll get that cel.
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101 cels
last modified: Thursday, October 04, 2007 (1:13:12 PM CST)
Well, I just calculated my cels.
Wow. :D
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Halfway fixed
last modified: Friday, August 31, 2007 (1:35:06 PM CST)
Reuploaded/uploaded scans of all the coming soon cels, also fixed the Belldandy crying cel (it was off-centre). There's a couple left to fix, but I'm lazy and done for now. :)
New Clef cel as well. :) Surprise! Never got around to uploading it before it showed up.
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Haven't had time to update
last modified: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 (6:18:32 PM CST)
My site needs updating badly. I've been working non-stop and haven't had a chance to get bigger scans of my coming soon cels (which are actually here), and such.
Apologies for anyone who likes my site.
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Too lazy to scan..
last modified: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 (2:18:36 PM CST)
Ugh. I have too many cels. I was trying to rescan everything because I figured out how to make the scanner scan the entire cel, instead of just the painted part. I was also taking them out of the cel bags so there are no glares/ripples/etc, and all the large images are 800X600. (I thought bigger was better but it just was too big before.)
Then there's practically double my cels, when you factor in the sketches I have that go with them.
I am le tired. I'll upload what I have and get to the rest of it later.
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This hobby sneaks up on you!
last modified: Sunday, February 04, 2007 (6:06:58 PM CST)
When did I get around 85 cels in my collection? Wow. I'm not far from three digits.
*pile of cels fall over and land on her* HELP! I'm drowning in acetate!
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Scanning complete!
last modified: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 (4:23:35 PM CST)
*pant pant* I forgot to scan one (Syphiel) and I can't find my Xelloss cel (figures, he's a mystery) but everything else is scanned with my new scanner!
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Merry Christmas! Lots to say!
last modified: Monday, December 25, 2006 (1:42:21 PM CST)
Before I start, yes, I have deleted the last two entries that referred to less than nice things.. I feel that they only serve to cause tension.. and it's Christmas, besides. Out with the bad, in with the good.
My update for the day? I finally, after years of begging, have in my paws a scanner! No more pictures of my cels, they are going to be scanned. All of them. With proper matching dimesions so my thumbnails aren't so messy.
Unfortunately Dad said he won't hook it up till after the new year, so there will be a little wait.
Speaking of the new year I thought I'd mention that I'm trying to slow down a little in my collecting. Focusing on fewer series that mean more to me, so I can get higher quality cels. If I spread my funds out over many series, I won't get anywhere, really. So for the following series, there will be few or no more updates (accompanied by a reason why):

Series: Bubblegum Crisis OVA
Why: To be honest, I've only seen the first DVD. It seems unfair to collect from a story I only know the beginning of. Besides, I once owned an OP Priss, and it wasn't as magical to me after a while.I think this is due to the fact I just haven't seen enough of it to even fall in love with it. I've seen all of BGC2040 and I'll focus on that series instead.

Series: Galaxy Angel
Why: A fun series, but not one of my loves. I snagged a couple of cels of the cute kitties from the first episode, and I'm satisfied with that.

Series: Galaxy Freulein Yuna Returns
Why: I have a gorgeous cel of Ayako, and I'm happy with that. Unless I come across cels of her death scene, I'm not bothering.

Series: Rayearth OVA
Why: Very pretty, and it was a nice movie, but unless I find a cel of Windom, and maybe a cel of Fuu with wings, I'm not that gung-ho about it.

Series: Maze
Why: I have lots of gorgeous cels of Solude and couldn't be happier.

Series: Miscellaneous
Why: Unless something REALLY catches my eye and the price is right, like the fallen angel cel I have, I'm not going to purchase cels I know nothing about anymore.

Series: Sailor Moon
Why: I have Uranus, Black Lady, and Mimette. I'm satisfied, and aside from that, there's too many "pretty" cels out there, too much competition, and my passion for the series isn't as strong as the true SM collectors out there. I don't think it's fair for me to be buying what could be someone else's wishlist merely because I liked how it looked. True fans have emotional connections to certain scenes, and I don't. It's better to let them snag the cels.

Series: Tenchi
Why: I have enough Aeka.

Series I'm focusing on:
Slayers: Phibrizzo
Ah! My Goddess!

My final comment:
I was thinking about splitting my gallery into two.. making a new one for AMG, and this one. Are we allowed to do that, or is that wasting bandwidth?
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UPDATE: Better pictures of cels! Yay!
last modified: Friday, September 29, 2006 (6:22:53 PM CST)
I used my parents' digital camera to get better shots of cels that deserved a closer look. Some are a little blurry, and I'll retake them later. What matters to me right now is getting them up.
Better shots in:
Neon Genesis Evangelion (yes, the Shinji cel!)
Slayers Next/Phibrizzo (divided Amelia's death, better shot of Phib/Martina)
Ah! My Goddess (TONS)
BGC OVA (Priss OP)
Sailor Moon (Mimette, Cooan)
New sketches:
Galaxy Fruelein Yuna (weird unmatching sketch that came with one of my cels)
BGC OVA (Priss OP sketch)
Slayers Next/Phibrizzo (Victorious Phib, Phib/Martina, Amelia's death)

There are a LOT more sketches I haven't taken pictures of yet.. are people here even interested in sketches? If so, I'll get the rest. Also let me know if you want bigger pictures of cels I haven't upgraded. Or if the blurriness of current ones bother you; as you will see some are sharp and some are not. I need practice. ^^

Also! I'm currently ironing out the details on getting a wishlist cel.
Hint: It's an Ah! My Goddess cel, and it's of Belldandy.
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Whoops. Phibrizzo collection is now only second largest.
last modified: Friday, July 28, 2006 (10:39:54 AM CST)
^^;; Hehehe. When did this happen?
Oops. 3 pages worth. *hides* And there's still another one I'm bidding on.
This isn't necessarily a representative of a shift in interests; the truth is Phibrizzo is a rare guy to find cels of. Ah! My Goddess seems to be getting very easy to find as of late.
All the same, I'm very happy to add the following new characters: Human Morgan and Chibi Bell! I think Morgan was very elegant as a human and Chibi Bell is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. ^-^
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Beautiful AMG cels on ebay right now!
last modified: Friday, July 14, 2006 (11:14:15 AM CST)
Anyone see the newest stuff from Curt on ebay? Wow. I've never seen cels from the series sold WITH sketches. Must be pretty cool.
Almost all of the cels that I ordered are here. I can't believe how bad I've fallen for AMG! As a result, I'm selling a lot of my collection to try for some of the nice cels out there. Take a look at anime-beta if you'd like. Thanks. ^^;
As for my life, I'm working at a wildlife park for the summer (kind of like a zoo, but in the woods and animals have a more natural habitat in their cages). I absolutely love it! I'm in love with cows now. They're like giant dogs that just love to snuggle and chew on your clothes. LOL.
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Checking "gift" on that package you send is the best thing you can do.
last modified: Monday, June 26, 2006 (6:33:50 PM CST)
Why.. why.. why don't all sellers mark the package as "Gift"? It really saves us buyers money in the long run. I spent a lot of money on cels then I get the "Package" card with.. yeah.. YOU OWE CUSTOMS $25!
~_~;;;; *headdesk* When I pay for my cels, I want it to be done. I didn't account for an extra 25 bucks for some stupid fee because the stupid seller didn't checkmark the stupid "Gift" option that would save me money.
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Whew, gotta slow down now
last modified: Monday, June 05, 2006 (12:33:17 AM CST)
There. That's it for updates for a while. At least it should be.
*Blows into her wallet to cool down her smoking cards*
There, there. It's over. *waves smoke away*
Acquisitions in the past week:
~a cel of Cooan (Catzy)
~a cel of Phibrizzo (oh yes.)
~a cel of the helper goddesses (everyone has one, and now I do too ^_^)
~a gorgeous closeup profile shot of Belldandy.
I'm in love. My collection is around 50 now. *pumps fist in air* I love this hobby!
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Huge OMG! wishlist additions, two new cels
last modified: Sunday, May 28, 2006 (10:27:52 AM CST)
Hey hey! I went through and screencapped my dream cels from A!MG. Even if you aren't looking to grant my wishes, I think you should look at the screencaps. I love my capping program, and I painstakingly recreate a couple Peorth pan shots (one looks crappy but Peorth herself looks smooth and that's all I care about).
My two new cels are really nice too. The first is the omake cel I was referring to - the seller told me that they're excess stock and the more you order the better the cel will be! ($150 ordered or more and you get an omake). So keep in mind the cel scan itself IS NOT MINE, but the screencap below IS. I posted a scan of a sequence mate mainly so you can get an idea of how vibrant it is. I lack a scanner and he didn't scan it so alas, until I buy one, this will have to do.
The second cel is my first "funny" cel. I couldn't resist and I know it would have been gone if I hadn't happened to have insomnia at 4am and thus checked ebay at that time. It's a lucky snag! It's of Zelgadis being sent overboard to serve as an anchor. I've only seen one other cel like it and it's in Xellos's godlike collection. Couple frames after this one. ; Anyway, hope you guys enjoy as much as I do!
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Saw AMG Movie - revised entry
last modified: Friday, May 26, 2006 (10:19:51 PM CST)
Screencaps to all my cels added! (There's still one left; I'm 99% sure it's mine but I don't want to post it in case it really was a mistake.)
*phew* Well, what can I say? I could ramble on about how gorgeous the whole movie was, but I'd just be repeating what reviewers have all said, and not as well as they had. So I'll do this instead:
Uh oh - I'm part of the competition now! ^_~
I'm not the richest girl in the world, and I know I'll never hit the epic proportions some collectors have (you know who you are) BUT.. I intend to get a little bit.
I always thought Urd was overrated, but she looked absolutely glamourous! The most I'll want though is a nice close up of her, though.
As for Skuld, her final Goddess outfit was gorgeous and I intend to snatch one up someday. I also still adore her chibi angel. ;
Keiichi.. while very admirable, the only cel I'd be eying is the one where he's floating in his trapped body.
Peorth - she's pretty, but I'm not a rabid fan
; I just need one shot of her. Gorgeous Rose isn't an OMG priority. I know she has very large fans, and her design was neat, but I guess I didn't get bitten by the Peorth Love Bug. :D That saves some money on the pocketbook. She's the most expensive. x.x
Morgan- I LOVE her outfit. Gimme. :D
Morrigan- I'd be happy with a shot that shows her wings. What neat fairy wings! (I have a wing fetish, y'know.)
Celestin- I really liked the guy. He was hot, and he had a valid point. It's just too bad that he was too stubborn to listen to the arguement for Earth. :p And if that cel IS mine, I already have an AWESOME shot of him. WOOT!
I forget her name already.. o-o The cute one with glasses. I'd love a cel of her drunk.
And Belldandy, the star? I love her. A lot. She's a beautiful woman :D. Expect more cels of her. ^-^
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Wha buh? A bonus cel?
last modified: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 (11:27:16 AM CST)
I received my package from Anime-Gambit. Imagine my surprise when I saw not two, but THREE, cels! I only ordered two! I fired off an e-mail asking but I haven't received an answer yet. I wonder if it was a freebie or a mistake..
The cel in question is a gorgeous cel of Celestine from AMG. Actually come to think of it, he DID ask me what I collected after I paid him. Hmm. o_o
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It's been more than a year already?
last modified: Friday, May 05, 2006 (3:37:02 PM CST)
When did that happen? Not to be conceited but I've been admiring my collection today.. it's grown so much since I bought my first cel. I never imagined I'd ever own a cel... and now look at what I have!
<3 I love this hobby. I really do.
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What a difference!
last modified: Sunday, April 09, 2006 (12:26:17 AM CST)
During a quick trip to a Wal-Mart far from home, I found a rack of anime DVDs - 2 for $14. I snagged Sailor Moon S volume 1 and 5 (the only ones they had). I finally, after seeing the DiC dub soooo many years ago in junior high, got to see Sailor Moon the way it was INTENDED.
Not many episodes into S, I gave up in disgust, being aware then of the hack job done to the series. Being a huge gay rights supporter, I just couldn't watch it anymore with the whole "Haruka/Michiru" (or should I say "Amara and Michelle") cousin deal.
Watching this uncut and subtitled has renewed my adoration for the series I saw so many years ago. And I love Uranus even more than I did then. :3
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Finally things going my way.
last modified: Monday, March 27, 2006 (2:39:07 PM CST)
So many things happened at once, and all good things!
It's tax time in Canada, and like always I hired a company to do them for me. According to them I am entitled to $1,085 from the government and an extra $300 in GST. I can finally pay off my VISA COMPLETELY. *does the debtfree dance*
I have a job. At Canada's infamous (X3) Tim Horton's. Min wage? Yes, but that's going up to $7 something an hour in a month. If that's not enough, I'm doing the midnight shifts, meaning I get paid an extra fifty cents an hour!
Finally, one of my grandmothers INSISTS that I do NOT need to pay back the $200 I owe her. God I love her.
Cel collecting will resume again soon!
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Small changes
last modified: Monday, March 20, 2006 (9:02:38 PM CST)
Changed the color to a more "Phibrizzo" theme, made a better, new banner for my homepage.
I love Phibrizzo.. I really do. I'd be willing to trade/sell all my non-Phibrizzo cels (exception: Priss OVA OP) for more cels of my lord and master.
It can't be healthy to worship an evil dark mazoku god from a work of fiction, can it?
Oh well.. too late for me. ^_^;
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Almost two months now..
last modified: Saturday, March 11, 2006 (5:24:44 PM CST)
I've been looking for a job for almost two months now. I have been flat broke for that period as well. My Visa bill is about $1,100, I owe my grandmothers $250 in bills, and my last $5 went to getting milk and such.
I'm scared. If by the end of the month I'm still without any source of income, I'll have to sell the higher valued cels in my collection. That really.. really depresses me.
I have applied to more than ten different job openings, and every time I hear nothing, or someone else gets hired and they don't tell me otherwise. I'm at the point where I sleep most of the day away because if I stay awake I'll stew about my misfortune and get really depressed.
I feel like crying.
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Okay, I'm nosy.
last modified: Thursday, March 09, 2006 (1:43:09 PM CST)
I've noticed several people mentioning things like nasty people rating galleries low, or forcing someone to close/restrict their galleries.
Who are these people? I don't want names, I just wonder what they're doing. Are they fellow cel collectors? How come I haven't been "attacked" by these guys? (Not that I want to be!) Where are these people? Are they doing all this via the feedback button? And most of all, I wanna know why they're being nasty. Jealous of collections? Or are they just being jerks for being the sake of jerks? What are they saying to cel collectors, anyway, to cause such pain and hard feelings among each other?
I will admit, I have been guilty of being a jerk in one early instance, but I have since apologized a million times over. The last thing I want is to hurt any of my fellow collectors. We all share a passion and there's no need to step on other people's toes over acetate.
I'm out of the loop. o_o I've never experienced any of this drama.. just wondering who's being attacked and what they're saying/doing.
I'm nosy. ^^;; If it's none of my business, never mind, and I'm sorry I asked.
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I miss cel collecting :(
last modified: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 (6:38:56 PM CST)
I hate being unemployed and broke. I know this is all temporary but it's driving me nuts. My car decided to lose its brakes, so that's another problem on top of the bills I need to pay every month.
I had to borrow money from my grandmother just to cover expenses this month. If I don't get a job soon I'm going to freak. The sooner I get paid, the sooner I can pay off my debts and MOST IMPORTANTLY the faster I can return to cel collecting! For a while I would look at updates and ebay to see what I was missing but that ended up being too painful; after seeing cels I would love to have go cheap (20ish) I just wanna cry.
I've been depressed too because of all this, I hate being broke because my parents are even more broke, and together we're all a mass of miserable. -_-
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Gorgeous psycho Phibby- breaks my heart
last modified: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 (4:31:05 PM CST)
50,000 yen starting price on Y!J. I don't know why I look, just crazy I guess. Can't afford a thing this month. And of course it's Psycho!Phibrizzo! Gah!
I only hope that someone I know buys it and is willing to sell it later. Otherwise.. well *shrug* I'm lucky to have what I have, really. I appreciate being able to have enough cels for the gallery to be 2 pages - when I get a stable job and get my funds flush again, I'll re-enter the cel player field.
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Is it wrong to buy cels from a series you haven't seen?
last modified: Saturday, January 28, 2006 (10:00:33 PM CST)
I've recently received some.. less than happy comments on a board devoted to an anime I haven't seen. I want to see it, and I will, so I joined all happy and bubbly.
Then I got angry comments when I posted my cel, with the arguement that I am "ruining something sacred" by buying something like a cel from such an amazing anime I don't know, and thus don't appreciate on the level they do. I'm not saying where this was, as I'm sure my biting sarcastic comments back will have me banned and I don't need to cause any more trouble.
I can understand that the anger is.. well.. justified in a way, but I never intended to offend them in the way that I did.
Do you think it's wrong to buy a cel from a series you never seen? A popular series that most everyone considers a classic and the holy grail of anime? I mean it's not like I'm going to use the cel as buttwipe or something! It's going to be put in a cel bag like all my other beauties.. I'm just upset by all this. Cels go pretty fast, but the anime will be on DVD forever. ._.
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*swat swats at other bidders^
last modified: Thursday, January 26, 2006 (8:02:56 PM CST)
Get off my Phibrizzo cel! XD Lately there's been Phibby cels popping up on ebay and it's always me, ladyglenr, and some other random hopefuls that end up swatting at each other with bid increasements of a few dollars. Too funny! Then at the end we get all "grrr!" and try to guess the next person's highest bid - sometimes I wonder if they're pausing, wondering if I bid a crazy amount (like I did for a cel I REALLY wanted) and if their guess will be wrong in the last few seconds (dirty thing to do, yes, but I think everyone does it). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - and I'm still wondering if I want it that badly. The past few Phibrizzo cels have all been from the same sequence (where he points at Lina in fear) and since I fulfilled my requirement for one cel per sequence in that respect, I wonder why I try anyway.
But then there's that horrible, greedy part of me that says "HEY! You got the last one, let me have this one! How many Slayers cels do you have, anyway?!"
I'm not trying to be competitive but it bares its ugly teeth when Phibrizzo is involved. I shouldn't be like this and all but there's still that "I want to collect as many Phibby cels as possible" that screams in the hollow of my mind, under the more rational "you have ENOUGH, my dear, go after some other series for a change, look at all those anime titles in your gallery with only a 1 or 2 beside it!"
And then there's the even MORE rational, mother voice in me "YOU QUIT YOUR JOB, wait till you get another before you continue this wallet draining hobby!"
But I usually tell that one to shut up. XD
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No longer using "coming soon" section
last modified: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 (4:33:07 PM CST)
After the two in "coming soon" show up, I won't be using it anymore. Why? Because when I update that's all you get: "coming soon." You don't get to see what series it's from. And then when I put it in the right section, of course, no update is made on the front page. I don't know about you but when I browse the updated galleries, I see what series they're from. That way if it's from a series I don't care for, I won't bother going in.
The only thing I will tell you guys is that I have two more on the way. One is Clef from Rayearth OVA and the second I'm very excited about. It's from a series I haven't done yet. *bouncebounce* You'll see! :D!
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So many cels to find someday..
last modified: Friday, January 20, 2006 (7:52:49 PM CST)
I was just thinking.. how so many people are selling their cels or giving up the hobby entirely. Then you have the fresh newcomers like me who have SO MANY cels that they want..
My wishlist is NOWHERE near complete, and at its current state I can't really make it much bigger. It's already crazy long. I should make a page with my dream collection - full of screencaps of cels I want. I can't imagine quitting this hobby for decades, because there's so much I want and I'm nowhere near finished.
I'm at 30 cels as of this writing, including the two in my coming soon section. See all those titles on my page? With like, one or two cels in each? Yeah. I want WAY more than that. Not out of greed, but because there are so many scenes and characters I want to possess and love and cherish.
Series I don't even have in my wishlist that might pop out of nowhere onto my gallery some hopeful day: (as in, no one knew I was into it and BAM! Here's a cel from it!) I guess you could consider this a minor warning for other collectors of this series. XD Not that I'm much of a threat unless it's Shinji, Phibrizzo, or someone else high priority.
Series that haven't hit my wishlist yet (but doesn't mean I want them any less!)
-Akira (Mainly Kaneda, Tetsuo, and Kaori)
-Saber Marionette J (Lime, Cherry)
-Galaxy Angel (Forte, Milfuelle, Mint)
-X/1999 (Yuzuriha, Satsuki)
-DNAngel (Dark, Krad)
-.hack//sign (Tsukasa, and his real life counterpart)
-Burn Up W (Maya)
-Gundam Wing (Heero, Duo, Gundam Wing with angel wings, Deathscythe with demon wings)
-Kenshin/Samurai X (Kenshin)
-Pink Floyd The Wall (I'll add this one to the wishlist as it's hard to describe)
-One Piece (Luffy. Yosh!)
-Disney's The Little Mermaid (Ariel as a mermaid, tail showing completely)
-Hellsing (Seras Victoria, Lief)
Then of course, there's the current series I already have in my gallery that lack some things I really want:
BGC: Lacks Priss very much so. I'm holding off and planning a huge spending spree on her next time I have expendable funds. Since she's common enough, I don't feel the urge to leap on every cel I see (unless it's OP Priss then it's war XD)
Rayearth (OVA): No Windom makes me a sad panda. I also would love Fuu in there somewhere.
Maze: WHERE THE HELL ARE THE SOLUDE CELS? I can't find her. ._.
Evangelion: I want more Shinji.
OMG: I want one cel each of all the Goddesses/Gods.
Perfect Blue: I'd like to have a psycho!Rumi someday.
Sailor Moon: The only cel I'd really want is one of Wicked Lady, where you can see her entire outfit.
Slayers: Missing Valgaav (I just can't afford him as he is pretty common), a good freaking out Filia, a Xelloss, and a decent one of Lina spellcasting.
Tenchi: Still searching for good Aeka cels. Too many of her looking stupid/mad/cocky.
Utena: I love this series more than I let on. But god, the prices.. I actually want to eventually get every character in a good character-defining scene.
*whew* Yeah, that's it. XD
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I won my first Shinji cel..
last modified: Saturday, December 31, 2005 (7:04:05 PM CST)
20,000 yen, with me as the only bidder. Reason being the scan sucks, I think - the pic was tiny. However I'm going on the good faith from his description instead of the picture. Also it lacks a sketch, which makes me a sad panda.. but it comes with a Mandarake certificate of authenticity .. so.. I'm also a happy panda.
My only regret is my lack of scanner/digital camera, so the picture will never get better. Maybe by the time I get it I'll have a camera, at least. I'm getting annoyed by my lack of one. (My old one broke).
Either way I uploaded the little picture I have.
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Addition to my last post about EVA cels..
last modified: Sunday, December 25, 2005 (8:04:02 PM CST)
Upon seeing my dire condition of funds (lol) I made a hard decision.
If someone is willing I will trade a cel of mine for a cel of Shinji-kun.
Including (yes) my NFS cels.
Aside from a few I'm REALLY attached to ^^;; but yeah. I figure no one will bite on this offer anyway..
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I need to get a production cel of Shinjikun..
last modified: Sunday, December 25, 2005 (7:54:00 PM CST)
Well, here I go with a whiny post. I'm allowed those, aren't I?
I received the entire DVD collection of Evangelion a few days ago. I had forgotten HOW GODO IT WAS. I saw it about.. eh.. five years ago in a complete nonstop sitting at a sleepover. (though there was no "sleep" involved.)
So now I'm sitting here teary-eyed after only the third episode (I really get into the characters in my anime, I actually feel the pain with them, haha I know I'll be writhing in pain near the end of the series LMAO!) Now that I'm older, too, and realize I am the 22 year old equivalent of Shinji-kun I'm really going to be wallowing in EVA like nobody's business.
I guess my lament is - someone, out there, somewhere, has an affordable (for EVA anyway) cel of him looking.. well, hell, I'm not picky! I'd prefer him going psycho or looking kinda down (which I guess is quite common), but I'll take anything. I already nabbed all of the Celluclub cels of him.
Now it's onto the big guns. I'm not looking to own a ton of cels, just one.. maybe two. I'll die happy with just one or two of him.
Are there any cels out there that won't run me 500+? I prefer to pay under $500.. there's one of him on Rinkya but it's too damn expensive.. *woe*. If I scrapped EVERYTHING together I could buy it but I have to restrain myself there. Besides I'd rather buy OFF Yahoo!Japan because I don't need all the fees and shipping costs biting me in the butt, y'know?
I guess I'll keep my eye on Asylum Anime.
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IT'S HERE. *faints*
last modified: Thursday, December 22, 2005 (1:19:26 PM CST)
Two months later, the most expensive cel I ever bought arrived!
I love it I love it I love it! *bounce bounce bounce*
That makes six cels of him!
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What is your quest? To collect the most Phibby cels!
last modified: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 (4:55:28 PM CST)
I've decided that I have a goal for my gallery. I want to have the largest collection of Phibrizzo cels out of anyone. I know I'm nowhere near that goal (Xelloss has more cels of him than I do) but by god, I'm trying. There's a couple cels I'm keeping my eye on right now.
Last night I actually had a dream about my cels. I dreamed I had two Phibrizzo cels on my wall, and one of them had been left in bright sunlight. To my horror it had faded to almost nothing. I woke up all upset until I realized it was just a dream.
There's no hope for me, is there? XD
But I am indeed serious on my new goal. I don't want EVERY cel available of him, but someday I'd like to get one from every single sequence (or darned near.)
Root for me!
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Happy birthday to me..
last modified: Saturday, December 17, 2005 (10:24:06 PM CST)
No Phibrizzo wrapped in ribbons yet.. Hm..
I bought myself Kaworu as a b-day present to myself.
Go me. Because none of my friends live near me anymore, anything I really want I have to get myself.
Some people on here get cels for their birthday. And Christmas. Must be nice.
Eh, don't mind me.. just kinda depressed.. lonely, I suppose. No one to really socialize with anymore..
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I'm getting worried...
last modified: Sunday, December 11, 2005 (4:22:56 PM CST)
That Phibrizzo cel I bought off evilminion way back in 10/27/2005 STILL ISN'T HERE. I e-mailed her in November around the 25th, she responded with an alibi, which is fine. Busy happens.
It's now December 11th. I'm getting sick to my stomach. I paid nearly four hundred dollars for this cel. I have never paid that much for anything in my entire life. If it doesn't come this week and I don't get a reply from my e-mail this past week, I'm going to have to find a way to get my money back.
I'd really rather have the cel, but.. I'm getting scared, quite frankly.
Has anyone ever dealt with evilminion? She doesn't seem like the type to screw you over - and I'd hate to have to do something like file a complaint.
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Don't look at cels while you're broke!
last modified: Friday, December 09, 2005 (9:20:37 AM CST)
Ah! Why do I look at cels even though I'm flat broke? XD There's a wishlist cel at NAC
of Milgasia that I'd love to have but yeah. No monies=no cellies.
Hopefully someone will give it a good home.. and be willing to sell when I'm flush again. LOL!
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Those darn cel staples!
last modified: Friday, December 02, 2005 (12:15:36 PM CST)
Got my first cel w/original painted background today! I had NO idea backgrounds were so huge! It was stapled to the background so I verrrrry carefully used a sharp knife to pry the two prongs apart and off.
Another drawback was, while the cel was not stuck at all, it seemed it was at one point. Tiny flakes of black paint are all over the acetate and the painted portion of the cel. Nothing major. Just looks like a dirty cel. ^^;
Definately not getting any more new cels for a little bit - Christmas shopping + maxed out credit card = no cels for me!
I asked for a scanner for Christmas so hopefully I'll be able to decently scan the cels that had its picture taken with a camera. And the sketches too!
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*does the Phibrizzo cel happy dance*
last modified: Saturday, November 26, 2005 (8:03:50 AM CST)
I won a new Phibrizzo cel! I've got 5 cels of him now - 6 if you count his arm on Martina. The major one I'm waiting for from evilminion hasn't been sent out yet. Hopefully I get him before Christmas! And now I have another one to wait for! Ghee! A very Hellmaster Christmas to me!
I also have what I consider a "freebie"- a cel of Kira, the cute girl from episode 10 when Lina loses her magic. I unintentionally have an adorable child thing going on in my Slayers Next section. XD
*resumes Phibrizzo cel happy dance*
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The hidden section..
last modified: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 (7:51:23 PM CST)
I'm sorry I have a hidden section, but the pictures there are very... very adult. They're not cels, they're commissions I made with a friend of mine I knew once. He drew Priss and I, three pictures each, in different.. well.. situations. :S It's black and white only, but.. since they're pictures no one else has, much like my cels, I felt I could finally give them a home. For so long they remained burned on a cd. Password available on request, as long as you promise not to redistribute them anywhere and don't tell anyone I know irl what's in the pictures. ^_~
Oh, and you have to have a pretty open mind for one of the pictures. Just warning you..
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Oooh <3
last modified: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 (4:01:59 AM CST)
It's so fulfilling to get a cel that's in your wishlist. It's not THE wishlist cel (Nene owns it, actually o_o, by crazy coincidence) but it's close enough to put me in a good mood. What a crazy bidding war to get her! At the last minute Nene informed me (she was watching it for me since I had to work) the last bidder's bid suddenly vanished, making ME the winner!
It just proves Priss and I are meant to be. <3 *blush* I my as well admit now that out of every anime character that exists, Priscilla S. Asagiri (both incarnations) is the one I have the biggest crush/fetish/lust/whathaveyou for. Phibrizzo may be my hugest obsession, but he's not dating material. ^_~ Priss takes the prize for "anime character you'd marry/date/sleep with" and always will.
It's so unhealthy to be in love with a drawing..
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So much for that cel hiatus!
last modified: Friday, November 18, 2005 (3:09:35 PM CST)
Well, looks like I just can't stay away! Paid three quarters of my VISA off and just ended up leaping right back into buying.
I have no willpower. XD
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Cels in, don't know which ones. Ohh.
last modified: Monday, November 14, 2005 (7:38:01 PM CST)
Got two Canada Post notification cards in the mail today - I hope I'm off Friday so I can gets them! o.o SOMEBODY didn't put the item down as "gift" so I have to pay Customs duties - *eyes* who did that? XP *holds mallet* Nah I'm just kidding. I'm lucky that I've been getting away with "Gift" on all my cels delivered so far.
I think they're my Phibrizzo cels... Ooooh.. :3 *squees* *does giggly giddy dance*
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Going on hiatus
last modified: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 (4:39:00 AM CST)
I have two major reasons to take a break from this cel collecting thing. Number one is after buying four wishlist cels in less than a month, my account needs to be recharged in the worst kind of way. This reason is practical and everyone can understand why. I've read many a collector do this.
My second reason is I don't know if my personality is proper for this kind of thing. I can't converse well with the cel community. My main personality flaws hinder me in many ways:
-I'm blunt. Very blunt. Painfully honest. I can't keep my mouth shut; I speak my mind. I also harbor no secrets. I'll freely tell anyone what I paid for a cel, where I got it, etc. I also get excited when bidding and have no qualms telling people where and what I'm bidding for and how much. It's the way I am, and as stupid as it is, it's something that I have trouble harnessing.
-I hate offending people. I am extremely empathetic.. though usually too late. In fact my worst fear is having someone hate me or dislike me. I am very insecure and nervous, I lose sleep over people online getting mad at me, so you can imagine what I'm like in real life. Couple this with my big mouth and you can see the recipie for disaster.
As many know the cel community is tight-knit.. everyone knows everyone else and have each other's backs. As a newcomer and with such a conflicting personality trait I fear I do not fit in very well. I blurt out my feelings to anyone and everyone. I am not subtle, and I have fought this for almost 22 years. I don't know why I was given two complete polar opposites (big mouth and a big heart) but I guess it keeps me from being a total jerk - I hurt people's feelings and then I hurt badly from their anger.
I know I will be mulling this whole experience over and over in my mind for days now. :|
I'll be around, you know how to contact me folks. But don't expect to see me posting much (just to update my gallery as the last cels come in) and definately don't expect to see me in a chat.
Thank you all for being supportive. Hopefully when I come back I'll be a better person.
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Wasn't meant to be.. part 2
last modified: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 (4:45:04 PM CST)
I lost the auction on Mandarake, my max bid was $300 and it went for $301. Oh well. *sigh* I look at it this way: more money for other cels, and maybe this is the God's way of saying I'm going to be able to buy the used convertible I've been eying..
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Wasn't meant to be..
last modified: Monday, October 31, 2005 (3:15:14 PM CST)
I tried to order a Milgasia cel from asylum-anime last night, just as it was being updated. I had the damn e-mail wrong, and I got the error this morning. So I tried again, nope, gone.
There are forces at work, I swear..
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last modified: Thursday, October 27, 2005 (7:21:22 PM CST)
My God, THREE Phibrizzo cel opprotunities within a two day period! One is already mine - check my Coming Soon (and God it's gorgeous), one I'm bidding on (please please please no one bid on it, God please..), and the third is a longshot. I e-mailed animejewell since she's taking offers. It's a cute cel, probably worth a mint.
All these cels are going to be framed if I get them. The one I got from evilminion - very very much so.
If that's not enough, I got injured bad at work.. a chopsaw kicked back at me. My finger might be broken.. I get x-rays tomorrow. x.x He had to slice my finger open to get blood out and gave me major painkillers (one injection, one pill).
Here's praying for my recovery and obtaining my cels!
P.S. Despite the US funds making my purchases cost more, thank GOD I am in Canada - no doctor fees.
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Cel collection growing..
last modified: Friday, October 21, 2005 (4:53:18 PM CST)
I got two of the cels I ordered and a bag of cel bags today. Hooray! I have them all individually placed in the bags (sketches seperate) and.. stored in a box u.u;;;. It's the best I can do for now, sadly. I'm really excited over how my collection is growing! If anyone would like to offer me or find me online a huge long binder with large enough sleeves to place the cel bags in I would really appreciate it.
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I didn't dare tell until I won it X3
last modified: Sunday, October 16, 2005 (12:15:42 PM CST)
I just won a cel of Martina on Y!J. Who cares, you may say? Well it just so happens to be a cel of Martina running while carrying Phibrizzo on her back! Call me crazy but I plunked down (in the end) 50 bucks for Phibrizzo's ARM. Crazy as it may be when I get a bigger collection of cels of him it will fit in nicely.
I added the cel to my Coming Soon section. Go have a looksee! And please don't say the joke I keep hearing (from the Simpsons XD):
Bart: Is this cel worth anything?
CBG: Huh, let me show you something. This, this is a Snagglepuss drawn by Hic Hiesler, it is worth something. This, this is an arm drawn by nobody, it is worth nothing.
Bart: Can't you give me anything for it?
CBG: I can give you this telephone, it is shaped like Mary Worth.
Bart: Awww.
CBG: No groaning in my store.
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I'd post my new cels, but I don't have them in my hands yet
last modified: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 (5:32:30 PM CST)
Oooo I can't wait until I get my cels! I'm finished buying for this month (I hope o_o). My parents are gonna be like "wtf!?" when they see the packages come in. XD Anyway, I bought two Slayers Next cels, a Perfect Blue cel, and hopefully (haven't won the auction yet) a Tenchi Muyo! cel.
I just hope they all arrive safely. More details to come as everything becomes ironed out. :3
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ZOMG! It's Sletia's Weblog!
last modified: Sunday, October 09, 2005 (12:18:09 PM CST)
Well, here I am, writing a weblog for my Rubberslug page. When I first started browsing cel sites for awesome colorful pictures of my favorite characters, I never dreamed I would dive into the obsession! The prices always looked so high, and I never had a place to put them (actually, I still don't; they're more or less somewhere safe in my room). Then I made an ebay account.. then I made a paypal account.. and before you know it I was bidding on my first cel. Then I left the hobby alone, thinking "Okay, now I can say I have a cel in my collection of anime stuff."
Not so.
I began watching cel stores, thinking I'd like this or that one, but never ordering. Then animegame had auctions on ebay for some of his cels. Strike my vow, Akira from Maze came home. Then the SAME DAY I bought it, I began looking for more and more. Recently I ended up (still am, really) working out to get my dream cel with LON-sama, and ON THIS SAME DAY, I bought a cel of Lina and Milgasia (he's back to the screen) for 22 bucks. X_x!
Oh dear.
I've been bitten by the cel bug.
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