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Welcome to the main part of my gallery! (At least, that's what I consider it!) These are my crown jewels, my most treasured cels. I do apologize, but nothing in this section will ever be for sale.
Phibrizzo is an entity very, very important to me. I hope someday to have the largest collection of cels of him out of everyone. These are all in order of when it happened in the show.
I hope you enjoy looking at them.

 Explaining to simple minds

 Phibrizzo time sheet

 Phibrizzo time sheet 2

 Phibrizzo cocky

 Evillest look ever!


 Beautiful profile


 Death by Marble

 Bow to Me

 Zangulus's failure

 Sealing their fate
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Curator: sletia
Gallery Created: 3/10/2005
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