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Tournament of the Gods

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Added 4/17/2009
Updated 7/16/2009
Hurray! Another elven angel from TotG makes its way into my home. According to my friend, her name is Kuraiya:
"Her race is called the Kara. When they are killed they become either an angel or a demon. Kara are just considered another type of monster to humans and are hunted for the jewels on their foreheads. Virgin Kara have red jewels. Non-virgin Kara have blue jewels, and the blue ones are worth more. Kuraiya is hunted by thieves and raped to turn her stone blue, but Sid, the main character, comes to her rescue. In order to assist Sid, Kuraiya removes her jewel (which by the way, kills them) and implants it into Sids body giving him fire magic. She gets reborn as an angel."

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Gallery Created: 3/10/2005
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