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Lind and Cool Mint TV Rilezu
Source: TV
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Added 2/1/2009
Updated 8/20/2009
From the Fighting Wings OVA (Ah My Goddess TV), a goddess by the name of Lind fights Hild's Angel Eater. Lind is a Valkyrie, a special goddess used for battle. Very serious character.. when her angel emerged it only had one wing. This upset her because the abnormality could mean her soul is abnormal as well. The angel's name is Spear Mint.
In the OVA, she finally manages to call on her second angel, Cool Mint, who is Spear's twin and even has the other wing her sister is missing!
A goddess with two angels is very rare and means they have a LOT of power.
Here she has received Cool Mint from Keiichi (yep, the poor cute guy actually could host an angel!) and is about to get Spear Mint back from the Angel Eater. Cels of her with both angels were already sold, but I decided to go for this anyway, because.. hey.. if you want to see Spear Mint, just flip the image. ;) (although Cool has blue eyes and Spear has red).
I'm satisfied now, as I now have a cel of every main angel (minus a twin), and goddesses.

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