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Amelia's death part one (SOLD)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1, A2
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 11/12/2005
Updated 9/2/2020
Amelia laying dead on the temple floor - after killing all of Lina's friends in his plan to tick Lina off enough to cast Giga Slave, Phibrizzo encases them in crystal and holds them up behind him for Lina to see.
2 cels (Amelia before and after crystalization)
2 sketches
Timing sheet
Correction sketches
Layout/Camera pan shot
As Krafty from Anime-Beta put it:
This is what I gather from the terms/artists involvement.
The image on the bottom right is the douga, the sketch that comes with the cel, as you put it. The final cel is made from this drawing.

The two top sketches would be layouts/rouga genga. I think I can make out a couple of rectangular boxes on the second sheet, this indicates camera movement (pan up/down, left/right and zoom in/out etc).
They're called 'layouts' simply because they 'lay out' all the information for that shot for the douga artists/animation checker; composition, camera movement and information on the background/foreground.
A 'Book' cel is one that has a cut-out image over the top of the cel, the same materials and quality as the background. The layout genga will indicate this.

The 'Shusei' genga are the thin yellow/gree/blue genga sheets, otherwise known as 'Correction' genga. They are drawn by the senior artists/chief animator and sometimes the director and often depict minor alterations to a shot and are based on the previous douga/genga that has been drawn in that cut.
Just looking at the flow of these lines tels you it was done by a more competant artist, so if you have a full shusei image, it's often beautiful to look at!

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Curator: sletia
Gallery Created: 3/10/2005
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